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New Scientist magazine


Curiosity's spills add thrills to the Mars life hunts


Astronomy Magazine

The new search for alien intelligence

by David L. Chandler

Hunting for ET now involves Dyson spheres, infrared signals, and laser communications.

Sky & Telescope special



Sky & Telescope, special issue: "Space: 50 years and counting..."
(100 pages, four sections, with all text by DLC, as well as photo selections and timelines)


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Nature, news feature: Dreams of the new space race

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New Scientist magazine

New Scientist A sunshade for the planet

New Scientist cover feature (one section) The last place on Earth without living things

New Scientist cover feature story -- Climate myth: It's been far warmer in the past, so what's the big deal?

Climate myth: CO2 isn't the most important greenhouse gas

Climate myth: Higher CO2 levels will boost plant growth and crop production

New Scientist New world order

New Scientist Searching for life in a handful of dust
Richard Quinn digs in the Atacama desert
New Scientist magazine

New England Watershed logo


New England Watershed magazine, feature article, Aug./Sept. '06, pp.48-51 -- Behold the barramundi


New Scientist magazine Moon Special: The Ultimate Lab


The Boston Globe, Health/Science section, Jan. 16, '06 -- In 2006, space odysseys across the solar system

Astronomy magazine Special Collector's Issue, Nov. 2005 -- Out in late November, available through Feb. 2006

Pp. 16-23: "So Where Are the Martians?"

Pp. 78-93: "Opportunity roves Meridiani Planum."

New Scientist, cover story: To Pluto and beyond


New Scientist magazine, cover story: -- Killer asteroid: Too close for comfort
New Scientist cover, June 25 2005



New Scientist magazine, cover feature, Mars Special -- Celebrating a year of exploration Mounting evidence for a wet planet A whiff of life Future missions


New Scientist Editorial -- Will humans walk on Mars?


Wired magazine 10 Lessons from Biosphere 2


Wired -- Mars on Earth



Sparks of Innovation magazine, in conjunction with "Innovation," PBS series on invention.

p. 8 -- The Law of Unintended Consequences

p. 10 -- A Ticket to Space?

p. 11 -- Where Are They Now?

(Entire magazine can be downloaded Here )

New Scientist, feature, Mar. 22 '03 -- 'There was zero we could have done...'

Smithsonian magazine -- To touch the heavens
(This was listed in "Best American Science and Nature Writing 2004" as one of the other notable pieces of the year)

Technology Review Countdown for Rocket Planes


Life on Mars Life on Mars, by David L. Chandler


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